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Ode to Haiti

Poems and images (c) copyright 2016 - 2017 by Andrew Buck

by Andrew Buck

 Ode to Haiti
Andrew Buck

I carried the sound of the sea
To the Citadelle
Along horse-worn paving stones
Which scattered among ruins 
In a dry, broken ascent.
An ancient call for urgent freedom
Culled the sweat of human labor
Into a labyrinth of virgin defenses
Standing erect against an anxious future,
Elaborate testimony to the futility
Of human determination.

I carry the sound of the sea
In my heart now, endless,
Flowing over and over again
Over mountain charcoal fires,
Bathers in the streets, and

Lined against the rutted roads
In the pitch black of the moonless night,
Pools of youth 
Whose dark eyes and bright smiles 
Appeared from the halo 
Of cell phone candlesticks.

Here, beneath the curved charcoal sky
I float in the sea, struggling 
To keep the salt water out of my eyes;
A tranquil moon hovers silently

Over the lilting waves 
As a conch shell blows against

Dusty trees and homes
Carrying the sound of hope, 
Intimations of sovereign immortality
Far into the sound of the sea,
A lasting ode to our long forgotten Haiti.  

 © Copyright 2017 by Andrew S. Buck

All Rights Reserved.


Beautiful You

You are beautiful,
Like the gentle breeze
Kissing yellow rose petals
Softly in the early morning sun.