Dr. Andrew Buck:  Artist - Scholar -Teacher

andrew buck artist  andrew buck new york city artist

I aspire to make visual compositions which give expression to dynamic lived experiences and imaginative thought. For me, this is not about positioning myself as an "artist".  It is about being human and how I deal with the world. Artwork which comes from this place of being, coupled with a sustained studio practice, usually has resonance .   ~Andrew Buck

"Under the Surface"                        Viscosity Print                                    Andrew Buck

"Stage Life"                                         Etching/ Aquatint / Drypoint                                                    Andrew Buck

"Untitled One VII"                                                             Viscosity Etching                                                                    Andrew Buck

"Egyptian Sunset"                           Color Aquatint                               Andrew Buck


"Currents"                                                                 Aquatint                                                             Andrew Buck

"Seated Figure"                                       Aquatint/Etching                                                 Andrew Buck

"Reprise"                                                                     Digital Image                                                                    Andrew Buck  2016