Talks and Presentations  andrew buck new york city artist
Harvard Graduate School of Education Graduate Student Research Conference (GSRC) April 2015
Pennsylvania State University
Graduate Research in Art Education (GRAE) Conference  2013
School of Visual Art (SVA)  Critical Information Conference 2012
The Clay Forum: Watershed Benefit at NYU 
Participant Presentation 2013, 2015
National Art Education Association,
National Convention Program Chair  2003


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Raku Egret Vase - Andrew Buck, Late 20th C.

Degree of Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) conferred by

Columbia University, Teachers College  May 20, 2015 

Dr. Andrew Buck:  Artist - Scholar -Teacher

andrew buck artist  andrew buck new york city artist

""Currents" Aquatint Etching  - Andrew Buck

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I find the world of art interesting. There are those who say that art makes us human. I tend to think that art gives us opportunities to express our humanity. This is very different from the algorithmic problem-solving that is so prevalent in our technological world today.  As an alternative, heuristic problem-solving deals with ill-formed problems, ones that may not be fully understood or defined. I suggest that art-making is a form of heuristic problem-solving. It is accepting of satisfactory solutions which may not be perfect or exact.  Discovery and inventiveness become activated in the process.  Creative intuition takes a lead. Aesthetic judgments, which are very different from personal, professional, business, financial, and pedagogical judgments, come into play.  To me, it seems to boil down to this, what do your eyes and gut tell you about what you see? What fluttering or mysteries does art reveal? For me, art is the expression of ideas & energies.

The work on these web pages represent some of my creative and artistic explorations which emerge from my life experience and the artistic stories of others. I hope you enjoy this visual or written work and find a piece here or there which appeals to your mind, heart, or imagination. 

"What if..." is so very important. In our contemporary rational, techno-pragmatic world which seems to be filled with complex endless social and environmental problems, the notion of possibilities provides a tangible foundation for hope. At the very least, I hope my work will inspire others to be caring, concerned, and creative (or inventive) in ways that are helpful.

– Andrew Buck,  Artist/Arts Writer/Content Producer  2018