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La Jolla Country Day School – Hand written informal observation

I enjoyed sitting in on your last class today (fourth grade). Although this was an unarranged drop in, I would like to share with you some of my observations. As you brought the class to attention, you never raised your voice, but required by example that they listen to you. Directions were well explained but not belabored. On the chalk board, your goals for this art period were easy to read. The reading aloud of them by two, not one student, was a response to the enthusiasm of the children who volunteered to do so. The tone of the class was one of relaxed purposefulness. Every student was engaged in work, yet free to consult with neighbors and move around to get equipment.
You moved from group to group, advising and encouraging, using the art posters in the room to illustrate your comments. Suggestions to the students were positive and supportive. You spent enough time with each group to comment in depth and on a very personal level. The ease with which you taught was reflected by the students. Also, your humor and attention to each child reinforced their confidence. Well done Andy! I look forward to many more enjoyable experiences in your class.
      - Carol Hinrichs, Lower School Director

La Jolla Country Day School: Educational and Professional Recommendation

I enthusiastically recommend Andrew Buck for a position teaching art.

Andy came to La Jolla Country Day School to fill a one-year assignment as our art teacher for grades1-4 during the regular teacher’s sabbatical leave. His major assignment was to field test the written curriculum that was part of the other teacher’s sabbatical project.
Andy has distinguished himself un a variety of ways. First, and most important is that he is an outstanding teacher. His thoughtful organization of lessons, his stimulating presentations in class, and his outstanding classroom management techniques mark Andy as a fine teacher. He empowers children to be creative, to take risks and learn from doing. The children are responsible for their own actions and show great respect and fondness for Andy.

He has collaborated with the teacher on sabbatical helper her to accomplish her goal. Andy has made a remarkable impact on our faculty and is valued for his talents, warmth, and generosity in sharing ideas and resources. He has put the name of our school out in the community by networking with many groups and individuals, especially in the field of ceramics.

Andy organized and taught a weekly after school club for middle and upper school students. He gathered the equipment, established a curriculum, and gave freely of his own time to help these students. He also ran an eight-session workshop for faculty and staff during the first semester.

Andy is alert to all facets of school life, advising the children on behavior, suggesting improvements to the physical plant, and participating actively in decision-making with the faculty. He shows leadership qualities and accepts responsibility. He is a self-starter who has creative ideas and a “can do” approach.
I have been truly impressed with all that Andy has accomplished in this short time artistically, professionally, collegially, and personally.

Carol Hinrichs,
Lower School Director

VSA Arts Festivals (formerly Very Special Arts Festival) held annually at Teachers College/Columbia University


United States Department of Education (USDOE) Grant for Professional Development of Music Teachers CFDA 84.351C

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Also, for one Winter Term project at Oberlin, Andrew served as a volunteer administrative intern at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California ( Archana Horsting, the director, inspired his interest in arts administration which blossomed later in his various leadership roles in art education.

Choosing a professional career in arts education, Andrew became certified as a K-12 art teacher studying with Dr. Al Hurwitz at the Maryland Institute, College of Art. He went on to earn an MS.Ed. at Bank Street Graduate School of Education/Parson’s School of Design in Supervision and Administration with a Visual Arts Focus.  He taught in parochial, private, and public schools as a K-12 visual art teacher. Later, Dr. Buck became an Arts Coordinator and a Regional Arts Supervisor with the New York City Public Schools where he was recognized as Art Educator of the Year by the UFT Professional Committee on Art Education. He served on panels for the New York State Council for The Arts and the Center for Arts Education in New York City.  He also served as the Program Chair of the National Convention for the National Art Education Association (NAEA), the co-chair of the UCAE Tri-state Symposium on Leadership in Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; and co-chaired the New York City Very Special Arts (VSA) Festivals for many years.

While a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University, Andrew maintained an "A" Grade Point Average (GPA). He  was also awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Grant in support of his research on adult learning in higher education within the domain of studio art.

Creative Music Educators: A Program of Professional Development for Music Educators CDFA 84.351C
Project Abstract - submitted by District 75 New York City Department of Education

District 75 in New York City, which serves approximately 20,000 students with special needs 93% of whom are Title I eligible, is proposing the development of the Creative Music Educators Professional Development Project in partnership with Manhattan New Music Project. The proposed project is a comprehensive school-based professional development program for music educators who work in poor, inner city special education settings. District 75 offers high quality but limited professional development of music teachers as there is no Music Coordinator assigned at the district level. This initiative will support music teachers and their students as their classrooms will become laboratories for implementing high quality music and music-integrated curriculum.

Through the multi-tiered process envisioned in the Project, the district will put in place a process for the induction of new music teachers in special education classrooms; to sustain a process of continuous renewal of music pedagogical practice based on standards and research; and to foster reflective practice for all music teachers in District 75 schools. Music instructional practices will be aligned in each participating classroom with research-validated pedagogical methods and strategies, and with state and national music learning standards.
The professional development model focuses on a cohort of 20 resident music teachers each year who will attend Fall and Winter Institutes, Monthly workshops, and will participate in ongoing collegial clinical supervision in partnership with MNMP Mentor Teachers. Teachers will incorporate a wider variety of learning resources in music including instruments, music materials, curriculum, multimedia computers; implement multifaceted approaches using a variety of technologies to engender learning for children with different learning disabilities. The program will expand the use of existing curriculum materials recently acquired by the district such as “Jazz for Young People’s Curriculum" by Wynton Marsalis and focus on the development of music student composition.

Over the course of the three years, the project will expand to new sites and new teachers, ultimately serving a total of 60 teachers, who teach approximately 12,000 students. Program evaluation will be conducted by Dr. Rob Horowitz, nationally recognized arts and education researcher; and recent contributor to “Critical Links” published by the Arts Education Partnership. The collection of data through the collegial clinical supervision process provides a seamless integration of professional development, assessment of teacher learning, and programmatic evaluation.


Subsequent to the initial grant award, District 75 continued to apply and receive funding from the U.S.Department of Education (USDOE) for professional development involving all ART, MUSIC, DANCE AND THEATER teachers for the following decade, culminating in the i3 Award of $4.6 Million Dollars in 2010 (

Andrew Buck collaborated with Paul Nash in the development and implementation of the program during the first funding cycle. Sadly, Paul passed away in 2005. He was a recognized for inventiveness in contemporary music ( and for his contributions to the collaborative partnership  with District 75.

Later, Kathy London, who Andrew helped prepare for taking on the D75 arts coordinator position after his promotion to a senior level regional arts supervisory position, continued to expand the successful USDOE program throughout the district in New York City.

OLCM "Together We Can Make a World of Difference" - Recycling Campaign

Making National and Local News

UFT Teacher/City Edition September 27, 2000

Art and Writing WEB Site:

"The arts are a distinct field of action where knowledge, imagination, and intuition come into play. It is intriguing how visual art can enrich relationships and add perspective on everyday experiences."  ~ Dr. Andrew Buck

Region 8 Professional Development for Principals - A Continuum of Music  Elementary through Professional at BAM. Guests Speakers: Danny Simmons, Dr. Marcia V. Lyles, Sharon Dunn, and Paul King. Organized by Andrew Buck, Regional Arts Supervisor

Professional Profile: Touchstones

Teaching (Art Teacher K-12); Public, Private, and Parochial Schools K-12

UFT (United Federation of Teachers) Professional Committee:  

  • Art Educator of the Year.

NYSCA (New York State Council for the Arts)  

  • Panelist.

UCAE (University Council for Art Education) – Volunteer/Service to the Field

  • Co-chair: Tri-state Symposium on Leadership in Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts                                

         at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

VSA Arts NYC (formerly Very Special Arts Festivals) - Volunteer/Service to the Field

  • Co-chair NYC VSA Arts Festivals.

NAEA (National Art Education Association) – Volunteer/Service to the Field

  • Program Chair, Annual National Convention.   Approx. 5,000 Attendees.
  • Keynote Speakers: Eric Carle, Sir Ken Robinson.

District 75 New York City Department of Education – District Arts Coordinator

  • USDOE Professional Development Grant for Music Educators.  District Grant Recipient.
  • Team up To Clean Up/ Department of Sanitation - Multiple School Grant Recipients.
  • The Annenberg Grant for Arts Education/ CAE - Multiple School Grant Recipients.
  • The Center for Arts Education NYC (CAE) - Panelist.
  • Empire State Partnership Grants (NYSCA Arts-in-Education Funding) – Multiple School Recipients.
  • Saturday Arts Laboratory – Professional Development for Teachers.

Region 8 New York City Department of Education- Regional Arts Supervisor

  • Regional Arts Festivals – Sponsors: Time Warner Cable, Timeout NY, HealthPlus.
  • Digital Image Lab @ BHSA. Verizon Foundation Sponsorship.
  • Student Saturday Arts Lab @ BHSA – Art, Music, and Dance Middle and High School Students.
  • Principals’ Day at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music): The NYC Blueprint for Arts Education.
  • Grand Rounds of Arts Specialists - Peer to Peer Sharing of Best Professional Practices in authentic contexts.

Professional Kudos and Commendations - What other people have to say:

"Portrait of Matthew" - Collaborative Project  with Millie Burns, Rotunda Gallery Teaching Artist, at IS49 ( 6'x7' Original). Digitally scanned and reproduced by Region 8 Digital Image Lab (a District led Student Work-Study Program) at Brooklyn High School of the Arts with Urban Arts Partnership.

CSA News December 2002 Vol. 36, No. 3

Local 1: American Federation of School Administrators AFL-CIO

Andrew Buck - Art Educator Archives

About andrew buck artist      andrew buck new york city artist

Andrew Buck’s interest in visual art began in high school where he was given the opportunity to try his hand at pottery and intaglio printmaking. These early experiences provided a spark to become a studio art major at Oberlin College, a leading liberal arts college. While at Oberlin, he studied with Paul Arnold in printmaking and Athena Tacha in sculpture. As an undergraduate, he served as an apprentice master printer at Bob Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop in New York City.

District 75 New York City Department of Education Citywide Special Education

Educational and Professional Recommendation – Our Lady of Mount Carmel
I am very pleased to write a recommendation for Mr. Andrew Buck who has served as an art teacher for the past two years at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Mr. Buck has taught grades kindergarten through twelve and at all levels his approach has been informed, caring, and enthusiastic. Lessons always reflect an understanding of the developmental growth as well as good planning. Children at all levels have made great strides in both skills and their appreciation of art.

Mr. Buck has also been able to incorporate a global vision into his teaching, He intertwines values such as respect and multi-cultural understanding into his lessons. Children are affirmed for effort, cooperation, and their imaginative approach to their work.

Classroom management skills have developed rapidly over the past two years. Mr. Buck’s class reflects mutual respect of teacher/student.  Mr. Buck also developed a thorough and comprehensive art curriculum at all levels. Mr. Buck could be depended on to support the philosophy and larger goals of the school. He organized, implemented, and raised several thousands of dollars for the art program. I recommend Mr. Buck highly and without reservation. He will be a valued member of any faculty he joins.

Ms. Kathleen Sipes, Principal
Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Dr. Andrew Buck:  Artist - Scholar -Teacher

andrew buck artist  andrew buck new york city artist